Interview about the Creative Culture Talks Part 1

Since the start of this academic year, Arts and Culture Studies organizes the Creative Culture Talks in the LUX. We went to speak with coordinator Helleke van den Braber about these cultural lectures outside the regular campus classrooms.

  • Can you present yourself in short to the outside public?

I am Helleke van den Braber, I am a teacher and educational coordinator at Arts and Culture Studies.

I decide, together with other teachers, which courses will be given at Arts and Culture Studies. I am specialised in matters of art and money. Besides that all, I organise the Creative Culture Talks together with Maarten De Pourcq.

  • How did you get the idea for the Creative Culture Talks?

About a year ago Arts and Culture Studies won an award called ‘Prijs der Humaniora’ because we are the number one cultural study on national level for many years. We received a huge amount of money. Maarten got the idea that we could use the money for lectures with a cultural content that would interest a broader public than just researchers and students. Via this lectures we could show how fun our research field is and show our students how their knowledge on this field can be practiced in everyday life. It also can function as an answer to the much heard question: What can you do with Arts and Culture Studies? Well, this! This is art from a scientific point of view.

  • How do you give shape to these events?

We try to make the lectures as dynamic as possible. That way students from high schools can get an idea of the content of the study and of the world of cultural research. We like to illuminate topical issues in the world of arts and culture during the lectures. People from the field are asked to give the lectures. In one of the last lectures, we asked a Flemish game developer to tell about his carrier and his job. After his lecture the public got the chance to ask questions. A part of the lectures is curated by alumni.

  • Which subjects have been discussed so far?

The first lecture was curated by John Brewer who told about the art worlds of Los Angeles. In the second lecture stage light technician Freek Ros, Camiel Voorn and Rocco Hueting talked about the art of ambiance and effect making during rock concerts. The third lecture, as mentioned above, discussed game development. During the last lecture Hankavan der Voet and Daniëlle Bruggeman talked about fashion and sustainability.  In the upcoming lecture Tunde Adefioye, the dramaturge of Ghent, will discuss his critical manifesto to help the cultural sector at large to improve the way in which they organize and conceive of themselves as artistic institutions reflecting the society in which they are, or should be embedded.

Photos of all the Creative Culture Talks can be found at the Facebook page of Nijmegen Cultuurstad.

  • What can the students expect from the Creative Culture Talks in the future?

Well, I really would like to hear what you, the students, want to see in the lectures! If you’ve got any ideas for subjects or speakers please let me know. After all, the goal of these talks is to interest the students.

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