Interview about the Creative Culture Talks part 2

We did not only interview the coordinator Helleke van den Braber about the Creative Culture Talks, but we also asked a visitor to talk about the CCT. Hester Julia Voddé, a second year ACW student gives a little summary of the evening.

The second edition of the series Creative Culture Talks took place on Monday, February 5th. The evening was all about the art of concert lighting and stage graphics: an important element of live concerts of which its effects are very often underestimated. Two guests with different specialties in the field were invited to talk about their work, the history of their field, and the impact of their creations on live shows. Freek Vos (lighting technician of the Kyteman Orchestra, De Staat) and Camiel Voorn (vj De Sluwe Vos and graphic designer) showed the audience in the LUX some of their works, talked about the history of their respectable professions and gave interesting examples of the way their works can influence the experience of a live concert. The (almost sold out) evening was hosted by Rocco Hueting, Arts and Culture studies alumnus and member of Dutch rock band De Staat. After the talk itself there was plenty of room for questions from the audience, who had all been paying close attention. I know that I for one will be paying much more attention to the lighting of concerts from now on.

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