Willemijn Bollen - Chairman (Voorzitter)
  • General information:

Name: Willemijn Bollen

Age: 20

Study year: 2

From: Winterswijk

  • Random facts:

Full name: Janneke Willemijn Bollen Nickname (s): Willem, Willy, Willie, Will, Willemini, Mijntje, Madame (Mevrouw) de Veur.

Birthplace: Winterswijk.

Hogwart House: Ravenclaw.

Favorite Film: Pretty Woman

Favorite Book: Vaslav – Arthur Japin.

Favorite Music Genre: Indie.

Favorite Theatre Play: this is a hard one, but I loved to watch The Nation – Het Nationale Theater.

Favorite Painting: Fate of the Animals – Franz Marc.

Favorite Art Discipline: Theatre.

Which disney princess would you like to be? Cinderella.

What fictional world would you like to live in: Something with vampires.

Favorite dessert: Arretjescake (jumjum), and Ben and Jerry’s.

Favorite Haircolour: Natural.

How many times did you dye your hair? Didn’t (only one time I had some highlights).

What superpower would you like to have? Reading minds.

Favorite KNUS activity: The trips!