Olivia Krumwiede – Chairman 

General Info 

  1. Name: Olivia Krumwiede 
  2. Age: 23 
  3. Study Year: 2 
  4. From: Kansas City, Missouri, United States 

Random Facts: 

  1. Nickname: Ollie 
  2. Favorite color: Orange 
  3. Favorite Holiday: Halloween 
  4. Favorite Animal: Penguin 
  5. Favorite Vegetable: Brussel Sprouts 
  6. Favorite Toy as a Kid: Butterfly Net 
  7. Favorite Art Disciplines: Visual Arts and Music 8. Favorite Visual Artist: Dorothy Tanning 
  8. My Top 5 Music Artists: Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, Edith Piaf, David Gilmour, Etta James 
  9. Favorite Hobbies: Cooking, Drawing/Painting, Singing 11. What fictional world would you like to live in?: Bikini Bottom (I am SpongeBob in my heart) 
  10. What was your favorite childhood book?: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein (1964) 
  11. If you could be born any year, when would you choose? 1948 
  12. What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?: If you never ask, the answer is always no 
  13. Surprising Facts: 
  14. I’m super passionate about cartoons and animation b. I love butterflies, especially Monarchs 
  15. I love going backpacking/wild camping for days at a time 
  16. Board games are my favorite 
  17. I want to build a castle one day