Chief internal affairs

Milou van Marwijk - Chief Internal Affairs (Commissaris Interne Betrekkingen)

  • General information:

Name: Milou van Marwijk

Age: 19

Study year: 2

From: Silvode

  • Random facts:

Full name: Milou Maria Elisabeth van Marwijk.

Nickname (s): Blou Milou, Frau Blümchen, Muis (mouse)

Birthplace: Doetinchem.

Hogwart House: Slytherin.

Favorite Film: Pride (2009)

Favorite Book: Maurice - E.M. Forster.

Favorite Music Genre: Film music.

Favorite Theatre Play: The Boys in the Band - Mart Crowley.

Favorite Painting: Wanderer above the sea of fog - Caspar David Friedrich.

Favorite Art Discipline: Film.

Which disney princess would you like to be? not a princess but she should be; Lilo.

What fictional world would you like to live in? the Wizarding World.

Favorite dessert: Griesmeelpap.

Favorite Haircolour: Blue ^^

How many times did you dye your hair? Countless times, although for 90% it consist of touchups of the blue.

What superpower would you like to have? Shapeshifting.

Favorite KNUS activity: the Hitchhike trip.