The Inclusion Committee

Greetings fellow students!

We are the Inclusion Committee and we welcome you to our page! It is our job and our honour to create as many resources as we can to make your experience in the Netherlands and in ACS/W as comfortable as possible. Especially when it comes to struggles that are directly linked to your nationality. This means that our work is dedicated to preventing homelessness, sharing information on the Dutch health care system, education and language and addressing any worries or issues you may have on your path. 

We have set up a couch-surfing register for students who do not have a place to stay. Please contact the board or email us to gain access to this file.

How to contact the InCo:

Practical matters in The Netherlands:

Here’s an introduction file with general information about what to do when you first arrive here and any issues you may encounter with respect to living arrangements:

Survey for Internationals

We have also created a survey for you (primarily international students) to respond to about what you struggled with when you first moved here and what you need more help with. This can help us to be more oriented towards your needs. You can access the survey through this link:

The Buddy System